Welcome to HIC

HIC is a unique consulting firm with the sole purpose of educating, empowering and protecting the future of your business.

With over a decade of experience in EHR adoption, system optimization, or achieving meaningful use, we assist solo practitioners to hospitals, integrated delivery networks, HIOs, and ACOs.

Our Certified HIPAA Professionals assist countless providers and healthcare organizations with HIPAA-HITECH Privacy and Security education, implementation of compliance programs, and remediation services. Click HIPAA-HITECH Helpbook to learn more.

Our Business Health division employs a highly seasoned team of professionals with a single focus on business health and sustainability.  HIC’s record of success with practice or hospital mergers, acquisitions, governance, and infrastructure build is above reproach.

HIC will work with you to identify gaps, develop solutions, and define a custom pathway to performance excellence for your organization.  See what our clients say below, and experience success!